Zucchini vegan sushi rolls

Тиквени веган суши ролца

ATTENTION !!! This recipe may cause you to drool in a specific way, an acute desire to eat Delishu and may also lead to a permanent addiction. The good news is that it is absolutely tasty and healthy. And you can prepare it easily at home.


Required ingredients for Zucchini vegan sushi rolls


For 1 sheet of rice paper (7-8 rolls)

100 gr. Sushi rice (boiled)

100 gr roasted squash (mashed)

20 gr. Caramelized onion

Dried or fresh parsley

40 gr. Delishu natural



Directions for preparing Zucchini vegan sushi rolls


Mix together the rice, the salt and the mashed squash but not for too long in order to keep the rice grains whole. Wet the rice paper with water, place it on a board and quickly lay the squash mixture on it. Place at one end the Delishu slices lengthwise and roll. Roll it over the cut parsley. Cut the roll into small bites and place each one over a cube of Delishu and caramelized onion.



After wetting the rice paper work fast because it gets sticky and the rolls may not be successful.

Some kind of a spicy sauce will be very appropriate for the rolls.

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