2014 – Nikolai met Maria’s sister – Stiliana, who is currently his wife. On June 29th the three of them opened the vegetarian restaurant called “Soma Vital Food”. After tenths, no – hundreds of experiments and an almost burnt blender, Maria created what she had been searching for so long. This time it was more solid, finer, with a gentler aroma and resembling the taste of real, tasty white cheese to even greater extend. The restaurant’s first menu included bio white cheese and bio cheese with the option of being changed with the so called “Cashew white cheese”. Just out of curiosity, desire for new gustatory experience or due to healthy or ethical reasons people prefered the unknown “white cheese” made of cashew. The interest never ceased. All clients kept choosing the cashew “white cheese” from the menu. In fact they liked it so much that the normal dairy products were removed from the “Soma” menu.

2016 –  Sire-NEKA became more famous and requested product not only by the restaurant’s clients but also by shops which wanted Delishu to become part of their product catalogue. The idea for a “Delishu” production workshop started crawling into the heads of the three enthusiasts though they thought they were not ready for such a big challenge.

Despite that, as a joke, they decided to sign up in a contest for young entrepreneurs – Rinker’s Challenge. Out of 122 projects, Riker’s jury chose 14 business ideas  among which was the project “Sire-NEKA”.The first steps were made during their education. The place for the workshop was chosen, inspections were conducted, documentation was prepared, gradually the label was changed so that it distinguished itself from the restaurant’s logo. By the end of the year the SOMA’s logo was not part of the Sire-NEKA’s vision. An important and definite change which turned Sire-NEKA into an independent and strong brand.

On 20.12.2016 the first batch Sire-NEKA produced in the especially purposed workshop was a fact.

2013 – Delishu appeared in Maria’s mind – a person who really enjoys delicious food and who loves experimenting, combining new and unusual tastes and conquering uncharted territories in cuisines. Delishu was  thick, with a slight sandy feel and abstract taste. In short – something new and not particularly nice looking. But it went well with the traditional Bulgarian “Shopska Salad”.

Maria shared her experiment with Nikolai – who, after tasting the cheese, confirmed “Mimi, this thing smells like goat’s cheese!”

Maria continued with her experiments. Experiments, which were supposed to result in very tasty and healthy alternative to cheese. The experiments became more frequent and better.

2015 – Frequent “Soma” clients for the first time showed commercial interest towards  “Delishu”. At that time IT – THE TASTY THING was called simply “white cheese” made of cashew. Stiliana’s little dexterous hands packed it. Nikolai chose a suitable for its size package. We designed a small label with the restaurant’s logo and a friend gave it its name – Sire – NEKA. The first boxes we started selling in the supermarket “Spirala”. We are grateful to Tony and Alex about that.

2017 – In the beginning of the year Maria, Stiliana and Nikolai , having created their business plan, won first prize for financing from  Rinker’s at the amount of 20 000 lv.

This marked the beginning of the big change in vision and name. Sire-NEKA became Delishu and package became completely natural cardbox.


I love tasty food.I love even more tasty, healthy food. After mixing my next delight at home, searching for a cheese’s  alternative, I mixed Delishu. It wasn’t by chance – it was a series of trials and errors, looking for something perfect – tasty and extremely healthy.

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I love helping the other people, I love taking pictures of the tasty food which I prepare, I love making people happy and this is my life’s goal.Delishu makes me truly happy because it is the definition of my love and devotion especially when I see people’s smiles who try it for the first time and enjoy it so much. They are priceless.

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I love the quality and perfection in every detail. I am a perfectionist and I never stop learning and improving myself and everything I am involved in. NIce food, music, art and nature inspire me, and Delishu is the fruit of these efforts. A Bulgarian product combining tradition and modern tendencies in healthy food, tasty and kindling imagination and pleasuring the palate.

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