Delishu is one of the three startups that won Rinker’s Challenge #3

Delishu е един от трите стартъпа, които победиха в Rinker's Challenge #3

“Delishu is one of the three startups which won the Rinker’s Challenge #3 – a Rinker Centre’s challenge, part of the BCause Foundation( at the time of the competition the name of the product was :Sireneka”) Rinker’s Challenge is a noble initiative of Rinker Foundation, founded by the daughter of wealthy Bulgarian immigrant. Its goal is to support socially significant causes, initiatives and organisations which support social entrepreneurs and improve the quality of life in the local communities. Every year hundreds of young entrepreneurs with innovative and socially significant projects take part in it. The projects include – healthy food, initiatives to help vulnerable groups of people, tourism, informational technologies, innovations. The participants go through three levels of selection which end with specialized education by proven in the business circles professionals who help with advice for the preparation of a realistic business plan. They also help with advice who to start a new business. At the end of the education the projects are presented to a jury. Proven professionals take part pro bono in the initiative by mentoring the young entrepreneurs in order to give them a successful start.

Delishu е един от трите стартъпа, които победиха в Rinker’s Challenge #3

At the beginning of 2017 during a hard competition, after series of trainings and trails, Nikolay and Stiliana Todorovi and Maria Dimitrova, competing with 120 candidates, managed to win the prize.Our business project for “cheese” made from cashew won gratuitous financing for 20 000 levs and a year-long support by experts.

Delishu е един от трите стартъпа, които победиха в Rinker's Challenge #3

Delishu is a product also known as “cheese made from cashew”. The recipe belongs to our family company – Nikolay and Stiliana Todorovi and Maria Dimitrova. We have a mission to find different variants for a full and tasty meal for people who are lactose intolerant., vegans or simply culinary experimenters. With the financing ,which we received, we managed to move the production in a personal workshop in order to fulfill the needs of Sofia and reach our goals abroad. We also acquired our own specialized fridge car. We also financed the re-branding of our product so that the packaging is according to our own requirements for ecology and environment ( we changed it from plastic to cardboard). The finansist Stanislav Georgiev ( member of BCause board) supported us for a year.

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