Spring rolls with vegetables and Delishu

Пролетни рулца със зеленчуци и Delishu

Spring rolls with vegetables and Delishu


Spring is here! And with it the most amazing time of the year – the hot sun, light clothes, light food and may colours and aromas. We don’t give in to the dark sky outside and prepare a plate of spring quite appropriate to the upcoming Easter fasting.

When we hear “spring rolls” we imagine deep-fried vegetable rolls but today we offer a new version of the asian delicatessen. Extremely fresh and light combination of vegetables wrapped on rice paper acompanied by the salty-sour taste of our favourite cashew temptation. The spring rolls are completely raw and really quick to prepare. An excellent choice for people in a hurry, on the road or for a light but special dinner for the comming holidays.


Required products for Spring rolls with vegetables and Delishu


1 pack of rice paper

⅓ iceberg salad or lettuce

1 carrot

1 papper

100 gr. Delsihu natural

A handful of red cabbage

100 gr. Of your favourite sprouts

Fresh parsley, mint and arugula

A half of a mid sized avocado

Directions for preparing Spring rolls with vegetables and Delishu


First heat some water in a deep, wide pan with diametre bigger than the rice sheets. They are an excellent alternative to the normal flour sheets.

At the same time prepare the vegetable stuffing. Wash the salad and separate it into half. Peel the avocado. Cut the carrot, the cabbage and the pepper into halves and then into stripes.

In the hot water carefully place the rice sheet for a few seconds until soft. Place it on a clean board and place some of the stuffing in the middle of the sheet. Add some black sesame seeds. Roll the sheet carefully as right before the end fold the two ends inside so it looks like a burrito. I advice you to experiment with fruit mixtures or dairy products or simply  with kinoa.

Serve the rolls cut in halves with a sauce according to your taste.

The recipe is prepared by #The Trift Sheep

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