Vocation : a dreamer, entrepreneur, musician, aesthete.

Hello, my friend. I am Niki, pisces-cancer, a dreamer-realist, who, for his whole life has been swimming against the current, choosing the hard but right way, not accepting the common social norms, stating the way I must do things.I started dealing with healthy food in 2009 after summer in America full of junk food where I appreciated the importance of real food.

After I accumulated experience and knowledge in my field of work as business developer I chose the road of entrepreneurship, because I realized that, if I really want to change something I have to become the master of my life. I work diligently and persistently, day and night towards achieving that, because I believe that every person has the right to eat tasty, healthy, high quality real food which is so important for a complete and happy life! I love the quality and perfection in every detail. I am a perfectionist and I never stop learning and improving myself and everything I am involved in. Nice food, music, art and nature inspire me, and Delishu is the fruit of these efforts. A Bulgarian product combining tradition and modern tendencies in healthy food, tasty and kindling imagination and pleasuring the palate.