Hey, hi 🙂 I am Mimi.

Everyone knows how much I like to eat. I have tried many diets and set many restrictions concerning my eating. Until one day I realised that I don’t eat because I am hungry but I eat for pleasure. And I eat a lot. No, don’t think I am depressed, unhappy, my life is dull or I have nothing else to do…

In order to put all this food somewhere and to look comparatively well (trust me, it’s not easy) I have to choose carefully what to eat. Every time I got the chance I prepare my own food and I eat it with immense pleasure. And just like that, mixing my next delight at home, searching for a cheese’s  alternative, I mixed Delishu. It wasn’t by chance – it was a series of trials and errors, looking for something perfect – without lactose, but tasting like cheese, healthy, if possible, and to help my tummy digest all that food.

So – I keep believing that there are no impossible things. I know that I am capable of all kinds of little “magical” tricks – both in my kitchen and in my life in order to do everything I want to and I believe that people fulfil their own destiny and attract in their lives the people and situations which they need. I met my amazing team and I am extremely proud and happy that they believe in me and we are building our future together.