Delishu – Cultured cashew product, RED HOT SPECIAL – pack of 10x100g


What makes Delishu so healthy?
Natural fermentation improves the nutritional values of Delishu and enhances its digestability and the probiotics L.Bulgaricus L.Acidophilus&S.Thermophilus boosts the immune system,maintains good stomach health and improves digestion.

*the price is per pack of 10x100g Delishu – Cultured cashew product, RED HOT SPECIAL



Delishu – Cultured cashew product, RED HOT SPECIAL

Do you like spicy food? If you do, then Delishu Red Hot Special is just for you! Made from the super cool chipotle pepper, it is mildly spicy and deliciously aromatic. The chipotle is delivered with the assistance of Chilli Hills Farm – the best Bulgarian manufacturers and distributors of spicy food. We fell in love with the chipotle pepper because of its’ smoked and flaming taste, greatly combining with the other ingredients. With a kiss of cumin and curcuma they are creating a memorable taste together.

Delishu Red Hot Special perfectly takes place just everywhere – the easiest way to consume it is with grilled vegetables, dry fruits and pasta. You won’t make a mistake if you combine it with dry wine.

Ingredients: Cashew nuts (69%), coconut oil, live vegan cultures (S. thermophilus, L. plantarum, L. bulgaricus, L. casei, L. acidophilus), pink himalayan salt, chipotle hot pepper, spices.


Nutritional information Per 100g Per serving (30g)
Energy 446.8kcal / 1846kJ 134.04kcal / 553.80kJ
Fat Saturated 41.2g / 10.1g 12.36g / 3.03g
Carbohydrates Sugars 11g / 0.4g 3.3g / 0.12g
Protein 7.1g 2.13g
Salt 1g 0.3g
L.Bulgaricus (Total Viable Count) 58 billion 17.4 billion
S.Thermofilus (Total Viable Count) 65 billion 19.5 billion
L. Acidophilus (Total Viable Count) 2 billion 600 million

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