Explorers like to experiment with Delishu!

Explorers like to experiment! That is why it was not by chance that we met an interesting person like Deria or as he is more famous abroad – FoodieBackpacker. He travels around the world and brings the tasty international cuisines straight into your kitchen.

FoodieBackpacker’s story is just like everybody else’s – while looking for happiness and peace we go through a lot of interesting worldly and personal metamorphoses. After long years in the business circles, Deria decided to leave everything and started doing what he loved most – to travel, to cook and taste delicious food. It happened so that he started travelling solo and as a backpacker, after staying his whole life in 5 star hotels. So he found his new vocation – to bring pleasure to people by cooking for them in their own home bringing the aromas and specifics of distant, exotic countries.

FoodieBackpacker is a unique experience.You gather friends in your home, drink wine and laugh at favourite stories and the hostess is with you because… Deria is taking over everything in the kitchen, preparing 4 to 7 set menu and you start to feel as a guest to a 5-star Michelin restaurant in your own home. The sweetest part is when FoodieBackpacker sits at the table with you and start a vehement conversation about his adventures on different continents, about the cultures he encounters and merges into for a few months and about the “ culinary heritage” he inherits from them. Suddenly it is midnight, you have drunk an unknown number of wine bottles and the plates shine as if being washed because everything was so delicious. It is one of a kind experience which you cam share with friends and relatives.

We met Deria in April. Among his close friends there are some who are lactose intolerant and he was really impressed by Delishu. Not only its taste but also by its healthy qualities.

Delishu’s team invited FoodieBackpacker at their home to prepare together a tasty dinner with Delishu meals so envisioned by the international chef.

At the end it became a real gourmet feast with the tastiest temptations which FoodieBackpacker could prepare for us :


  1. A vegetable cream soup with zucchini and herbs and grilled Delishu natural.
  2. Bruschetti with red beet, Delishu Bio Boletes and Bio Thyme, parsley, mint and chili. A bunch of earthly tastes for your senses.
  3. Salad with arugula and Delishu sun dried tomatoes with orange and tangerine dressing


We challenge you to experiment and be brave enough to follow your dreams.


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