Delishu is full of surprises!

Delishu is full of surprises! We created a culinary series in which we present an EXCLUSIVE 4 set Delishu menu, prepared especially for you by one of Master Chef’s 2018 stars – Kolio Minchev. Kolio, already known as one of the main stars during the last season of our favourite culinary show, has been an experimenter in the kitchen since his school years. His passion to the smallest details in a meal turn his works into a pure ecstasy for the palate. In the menu, which he prepared for us, Delishu is his main focus.


As a result of his inspiration and knife some new Delishu temptations were born, which we can’t wait to share with you:

  1. Following an old bulgarian tradition we serve to our guests our favourite spring salad, but now it looks even more attractive than before. In this new version we add strawberry dressing and Delishu natural, wrapped in crunchy nuts and Et Voila!

  1. Of course we can’t continue with the feast without a hot soup and let us not forget that sometimes soups can be nutritional enough even for a main course. Kolio managed to convince us with aromatic cream soup  with forests mushrooms with a tender taste and Delishu Bio Boletes and Bio Thyme, a bunch of herbs and a lot of love.

  1. We got to the sweetest Master Chef recipe. We lick our fingers because of a mini cheese cake prepared with Delish natural, tenderly wrapped in orange cream and amaretto.

Who can resist such tasty things?

We are thankful to Kolio for the interesting recipes and his modern approach to the tasty Bulgarian recipes.

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