Bruschetta with Delishu and squash

Брускети с делишу и тиква


The combination between the sweet squash and the tender taste of Delishu over a toast sends mi into the clouds and I don’t need anything else. Or , maby, a glass of red wine. And a film.

Today I share a favourite recipe for a quick and easy appetiser with which I surprised my sences.


Required products for Bruschetta with Delishu and squash

1 loaf of whole wheat french bread

50 gr. Delishu natural

100 gr. Arugula

200 gr. Squash

Balsamic reduction

1 teaspoon honey

Directions for preparing Bruschetta with Delishu and squash


Cut the squash into cubes and roast in a pan for 10 minutes. Add the honey, stir for 1 minute until glazed. Remove from the plate and add the arugula. Cut the bread into slices and bake in the oven using the grill function. Add some balsamico reduction and some seed for a better look.

Author : Stiliana Todorova

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